Antonio W. Ramirez
D-Star Waterprookers, Inc.

Mr. Antonio Ramirez has over 35 years experience in the construction and waterproofing industry. He embarked on starting D-Star Waterproofers to capture the New York/New Jersey market business, specializing in waterproofing, joint sealing, saw cutting and protective coatings. He has currently spearheaded his business into acquiring more than a dozen ongoing jobs with various NYC municipalities. He is skilled in many various forms of waterproofing Systems. He is also a skilled operating engineer, master mechanic, and he is licensed to drive tractor-trailers. He also operates and repairs all types of equipment. He was the general foreman and site supervisor for a prominent waterproofing firm for 28 years during which he supervised jobs from beginning to end. After having acquired many years experience in the business, and a solid reputation for providing high quality work with major companies Mr. Ramirez started D-Star, He is knowledgeable in all city, state and federal specifications in his line of work, He is often a vital resource to general contractors regarding the selection and proper application of various products specifically manufactured for waterproofing systems


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